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Who is Mark Harrington?

Mark Harrington is the Founder and President of Created Equal, a pro-life education and outreach organization based in Columbus, Ohio. Mark travels to universities across the nation to inspire young apologists, mentor future leaders, and introduce cutting-edge technology to the pro-life effort.

What Has Mark Done?

Prior to launching Created Equal, from 1999-2011, Mark served as Executive Director of the Midwest office of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform—where he led the Genocide Awareness Project on college campuses, which reached millions of students with massive mobile displays conveying the horrifying reality of abortion, likening abortion to other well-known crimes against humanity throughout history.

Now, at Created Equal, Mark is realizing his vision of uniting human rights defenders to carry on the fight to end abortion. Over the years, Created Equal has built a state-of-the-art delivery system that specializes in transforming formerly apathetic students into long-term foot soldiers in the war against abortion, and more broadly, the culture of death. Step by step, Created Equal brings the next generation into the fold through its Justice Ride, Day of Action, and Road Trips for Life, builds commitment through its summer and gap year internship programs, and partners with them in their careers, teaching them how to hold the line against the culture of death in their own professions and social spheres.

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Welcome to Mark Harrington TV

Welcome to Mark Harrington TV
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