“Going to prison was worth it ” – Interview with Jo...

“Going to prison was worth it ” – Interview with Joan A Bell | The Mark Harrington Show | 3-11-2021 “Going to prison was worth it ” – Interview with Joan A Bell | The Mark Harrington Show | 3-11-2021
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Joan Andrews Bell was arrested more than 100 times over the course of two decades. She also spent more than two years in prison for blocking the entrances of abortion clinics or entering clinics to disable the plugs of suction machines.

Joan Andrews Bell, whose two-year stay in a Florida prison pricked the conscience of the American pro-life movement, helped to trigger the series of blockades at abortion centers staged by Operation Rescue in the late 1980s.

Joan’s five-year sentence gained national headlines when she was placed in solitary confinement for refusing to promise to stop rescuing and for failing to cooperate with the prison schedule. She even declined a mattress for her cot and slept on the concrete floor. The only person she could see was a priest, who brought her communion.

The legitimate subject of pro-life lore, she has been the occasion of two books:
1. You Reject Them, You Reject Me: The Prison Letters of Joan Andrews, a compilation of writings during her 31 months in a Pensacola prison, and
2. I Will Never Forget You: The Rescue Movement in the Life of Joan Andrews.

Mark interviews Joan about her past and present rescues and asks her why she must be willing to risk prison time to defend children. Also, Mark discusses her husband Chris’ ministry, Good Counsel Homes, which has five live-in facilities in the New York tri-state area for pregnant women in crisis.

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